Our Workshops

The afternoon of the Conference is dedicated to educating and informing, with a choice of workshops aimed at uplifting and upskilling the attendees. You will be able to attend 2 of the following highly interactive, information packed workshops.

Up the Ladder in a Skirt

with Maggie Georgopoulos

Maggie shares her own experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – as well as those of other leading female business executives and entrepreneurs, in a down-to-earth and insightful style that is easy to relate to regardless of your current occupation.

This is not simply a workshop about how women can advance up the career ladder while enduring negative messages, it is also about being a good and effective people manager. Understanding a team’s needs and wants, being respectful and open, and giving team and staff members a platform to discuss issues – whether personal or professional – are skills that both male and female managers need to learn if they want to lead happy and productive teams.

In Up the Ladder in a Skirt, Maggie does not simply discuss aspects of career progression. She also talks about juggling personal lives with careers. Maggie discusses mental health issues, laying bare her own mental illness, and explaining how important it is not only to look after your own mental health but also that of those you lead. During this workshop you will get an introduction to the first 5 basic rungs of the leadership ladder which can be applied, revisited and grown no matter what point you are in your leadership career and whether you are working in an organisation, about to move into employment or are starting out in your own business, or work in and on your own business.

Key take-aways:

  1. How to gain leadership success as a woman in a ‘man’s world’
  2. Discover how to conquer the voices telling you you’re ‘not good enough’
  3. Learn to use a true sense of community to climb the ladder

Holding Back The Years During Menopause and Beyond

with Carol Paterson

My workshop will focus on how to look and feel amazing before, during and after the Menopause. I will cover symptoms of the menopause and the aging process, and suggest possible solutions using my experience as a beauty therapist and a menopausal woman!

I will be looking at skin ageing and skin treatments to help to improve a damaged skin; treatment of the dreaded facial hair and other annoying skin lesions, often caused by sun damage; and how to effectively use aromatherapy for stress relief, balancing hormones, insomnia and many other symptoms. I will also discuss the importance of good nutrition and exercise.

Key take-aways

  1. How to look after and improve an ageing skin.
  2. How to successfully treat unwanted facial and body hair, and skin lesions
  3. How to effectively use aromatherapy for menopausal stress relief, balancing hormones, insomnia, and many other symptoms

The Body Never Lies

with Madelaine Fox

Do you get to the end of the day or week suffering with aches, pains and exhaustion? Have you ever woken up on the first day of your holiday and found you are feeling unwell? Do you suffer from insomnia or wake up still feeling tired? These are potentially indications from your body of stress or over doing things which limit the choices we have in our response to our life situation.

Modern living has brought about a disconnect in us between our bodies and minds. We often tell ourselves that we have to keep going in order to get the job done. We are less and less able to sense our internal ‘smoke detector’ which warns us of stress and danger.

In this workshop we explore how we can reconnect with our internal and physical experiences which will allow us to make more positive choices in our responses to the world, helping us to reduce the level of stress and its long term negative effects.

Be prepared to get involved as this will be an interactive workshop that will provide you will some very practical takeaways.

Key take-aways

  • Tips on reading the signs of stress and how we can manage this
  • A simple technique that allows us to listen to the language of the body, empowering us to make positive choices
  • An understanding of the science behind our stress responses

The Invisible Enemy

with Ruth Fogg

Ruth will talk about The Invisible Enemy – Stress.

WHO does Stress affect? HOW stress affects us. WHY it is so dangerous. WHEN to take action. WHAT to do about it.

Key take-aways

  1. An understanding of their stressors
  2. The benefits of managing stress
  3. Coping strategies

Start Your Road to Happiness

with Jenny Thomas

Jenny’s workshop is designed to help those facing challenges in their life and discover how to move forward with them.

In just 45 minutes, you will be able to:

  • Identify the priority areas in your life
  • Take stock of where you are right now
  • Identify the area/s that need your focus & attention
  • Create an action plan to take away with you that starts you on your road to happiness

Footprints in the Sand?

With Linda Huckle and Ginny Marsh

In today’s online world, we leave footprints wherever we roam.  Your digital footprint is the record of your interaction with the digital world and it’s important to make sure that the digital impressions you leave are positive.

Footprints in the sand are easily washed away – your digital footprint is more permanent – more like footprints in concrete!

During this workshop, Linda and Ginny will be exploring practical ways to enhance your online presence and personal brand.

  • Whether you are a business owner, employed or looking for work, your personal brand is key to establishing yourself as a professional and authentic person to attract and engage with clients, employers and your network. Linda will share some tools and techniques to help you develop a positive and professional online presence.
  • Many of us lack confidence when in front of the camera and the resulting professional headshots tend to demonstrate that. Ginny will give you some practical tips that you can take away and use to prepare for working with a professional photographer, and some that will help you be confident when in front of a camera anywhere.

Key take-aways

By the end of the workshop, you will know how to:

  • Use online tools to explore how your digital footprint impacts on your own Personal Brand
  • Cultivate and nurture an authentic online presence
  • Use the right personal images for social media and web to represent you professionally
  • Prepare for being in front of the camera to capture the authentic you

Wardrobes That Work – From Drab to Fab in 5 Easy Steps!

with Kerrie Ellis

If you’ve ever opened the doors of your wardrobe and woefully exclaimed that ‘you’ve nothing to wear’ despite having a wardrobe full of clothes, or that you feel ‘drab not fab’, this workshop is for you! The average woman spends nearly a year of her life deciding what to wear – just imagine what else you could use that time for!

It’s very easy to lose your style mojo and yet it can have a huge impact both on how you feel and, as importantly, on the way that others perceive you. Studies prove time and again that, whether we like it or not, we are programmed to subconsciously and instinctively judge a book by its cover and that your personal brand, image and visibility account for the largest part (up to 90%!) of career success. So finding clothes that communicate who you are (your ‘personal brand’) in an authentic and compelling manner and that boost your confidence pays dividends. Who doesn’t want to feel good and collect those confidence-boosting compliments (as well as sales/new business opportunities, promotions, relationships …) along the way?

In this workshop I’ll share how to develop a wardrobe that works for you in just 5 easy steps. Yes I’ll talk about the basics of the colours and styles of clothes you choose, but in my 11+ years of helping clients I also know it’s about more than this. I’ll show you how to personalise your look, how to make sure that every item in your wardrobe really earns its place there, how to turn an ordinary or drab outfit into something fab and how to develop a capsule wardrobe of clothes that effortlessly mix and match. I’ll also share what not to do; the 10 ‘image killers’ to avoid!

Key take-aways:
• Learn the 5 easy steps to creating a wardrobe that really works for you.
• Learn how to do ‘fashion maths’ – make sure your investment in your clothes reap real returns
• Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe – fewer clothes yet more outfits – taking the headache out of getting dressed each morning!

Speak your love so they understand

with Cathy Richardson

Do you sometimes feel that you are speaking past your loved ones? As though your words are not finding fertile ground, and the messages are lost in translation? Perhaps you are feeling frustrated and misunderstood by your partner or children. Or maybe you just want to improve communication in your household.

Human communication is complex. Often, in relationships or family situations, the lack of positive communication or the inability to clearly express our needs to others can create friction, misunderstanding and conflict.

In this workshop, we will explore the 5 love languages as they are defined by Gary Chapman in his book of the same title. I will use examples from my own relationship triumphs and tragedies, as I managed to raise 2 now-adult daughters whilst meandering my way through marriage and the adult dating scene. I will reveal how learning to understand the love language of the other party can totally redefine relationships.

A fun quizz will help you to understand your own love language too, so that you can clearly use this to express your own needs too.

Key take-aways:

  1.  Understanding the signs of the 5 love languages
  2.  Getting to know your own primary and secondary love languages
  3.  Tips to being your own language together with that of your loved ones to improve communication