The super powers of cotton knickers

The Super Powers of Cotton Knickers

For us, a simple pair of cotton knickers is such a basic foundational piece of clothing that we don’t even consider it as a luxury. Never mind as an item of amazing power, that can make a difference to our lives!But in India, where people are so poor and have so little, a simple cotton pantie can turn into something truly amazing. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the girls of Northern India. Some of them are lucky enough to end up at Ramana’s Garden, the charity we are supporting. Some are not so lucky. For them life is bleak. Let’s see why:

Super Power 1

Vritti is an orphaned and begging girl child of 8 years old. She is cast as Untouchable. Because of her cast, she is regarded a disposable child. A man drags her into a shop. He lifts her rags, ready to rape her. But she is wearing cotton underpants! Vritti is not unloved. She is not disposable. Someone cares for this girl. If he rapes Vritti, she will tell those who gave her the pants and he may be caught. He drops the child and runs away. This is the power of cotton knickers –  Protecting young girls from sexual molestation.

Super Power 2

Uma loves going to school. She has lived at Ramana’s Garden for 3 years. Now that she is 13, the horrors of the past seem so far away. She is safe, she is no longer hungry and she loves going to school. Except that when her bloods come, she will have to miss school for a week. It is not clean to go to school like that. It will demean her. If only she could get some pants, so that she could cover her naked body and contain the flood, she will not have to lose a week and be behind everyone else. This is the power of cotton knickers – Getting full time education, instead of missing school due to menstruation

Super Power 3

It is so hot! Aruna is not feeling well. The private place between her legs is sore and itchy. Sitting on the dirty street with her naked bottom allows the germs and bacteria from the street to touch her body directly. The bacterial infection may continue indefinitely. If only she had something to cover her naked parts, keep her dry and away from the dirt, she would get better sooner, and maybe not get infected in that way again. This is the power of cotton knickers – Protecting from infections and disease

Along with the ticket price for the Whole Woman Conference, we will ask every attendee to bring cotton knickers or sanitary towels as an entry fee. All of this will be donated to Ramana’s Garden.

Your ticket price for attending The Whole Woman Conference and donations will make the world of difference to a child or a young woman who is not as fortunate as our own children. Your donations could even save a life.  Get your ticket now, and bring your own mother, sister or daughter along. Let’s share the love, give with generosity and celebrate our innate power as women to reach halfway around the world.