We are most grateful to the following local businesses, who have contributed their time, their services and their products without charge:

Annie and Kathy from AKP Web Services

We feel strongly about this cause so volunteering a free website was a ‘no-brainer’ for us. So we have built, hosted and maintained this site Free of Charge. Our main business focus is helping SMEs and sole traders achieve results on the internet, without paying a fortune. Our many success stories include:

  • various retail organisations like cafes, pubs, florists, garden centres and shops
  • tradespeople like plumbers, roofers, builders
  • professionals like chiropractors and hypnotherapists
  • entrepreneurs such as chocolate sculptures
  • small companies such as a gym, a security company and a supplier of bathroomware that you never though you’d be able to match

We appreciate that small businesses and new start-ups don’t have a large budget and always work within them, providing a site that can start small and grow with them. Unlike many in the web business, we make our pricing cystal clear, with no hidden charges and easy payment plans. Our intial meeting is just the price of a cuppa

Lisa Cook

Level 3 Creative
Logo design and advertising design

Melanie Wardle

Magazine Connection Ltd
Advertisement space in local magazines

Lisa Locke

Signwrite Studios Ltd
Instagram Frames

Yasemin Moncur

Venue Finder

Julia Cheeseman

Starfish Admin Services Ltd
Admin Support

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