Holding Back The Years – Workshop with Carol Paterson

Carol Paterson

Also known as Queen Bee in the Woods, Carol’s workshop will focus on how to look and feel amazing before, during and after the Menopause. We will cover symptoms of the menopause and the aging process, and suggest possible solutions using my experience as a beauty therapist and a menopausal woman!

We will be looking at skin ageing and skin treatments to help to improve a damaged skin; treatment of the dreaded facial hair and other annoying skin lesions, often caused by sun damage; and how to effectively use aromatherapy for stress relief, balancing hormones, insomnia and many other symptoms. We will also discuss the importance of good nutrition and exercise.

Key take-aways

  1. How to look after and improve an ageing skin.
  2. How to successfully treat unwanted facial and body hair, and skin lesions
  3. How to effectively use aromatherapy for menopausal stress relief, balancing hormones, insomnia, and many other symptoms