Wardrobes That Work – Workshop to get from Drab to Fab in 5 Easy Steps! with Kerrie Ellis

Kerrie EllisIf you’ve ever opened the doors of your wardrobe and woefully exclaimed that ‘you’ve nothing to wear’ despite having a wardrobe full of clothes, or that you feel ‘drab not fab’, this workshop is for you! The average woman spends nearly a year of her life deciding what to wear – just imagine what else you could use that time for!

It’s very easy to lose your style mojo and yet it can have a huge impact both on how you feel and, as importantly, on the way that others perceive you. Studies prove time and again that, whether we like it or not, we are programmed to subconsciously and instinctively judge a book by its cover and that your personal brand, image and visibility account for the largest part (up to 90%!) of career success. So finding clothes that communicate who you are (your ‘personal brand’) in an authentic and compelling manner and that boost your confidence pays dividends. Who doesn’t want to feel good and collect those confidence-boosting compliments (as well as sales/new business opportunities, promotions, relationships …) along the way?

In this workshop I’ll share how to develop a wardrobe that works for you in just 5 easy steps. Yes I’ll talk about the basics of the colours and styles of clothes you choose, but in my 11+ years of helping clients I also know it’s about more than this. I’ll show you how to personalise your look, how to make sure that every item in your wardrobe really earns its place there, how to turn an ordinary or drab outfit into something fab and how to develop a capsule wardrobe of clothes that effortlessly mix and match. I’ll also share what not to do; the 10 ‘image killers’ to avoid!

Key take-aways:
• Learn the 5 easy steps to creating a wardrobe that really works for you.
• Learn how to do ‘fashion maths’ – make sure your investment in your clothes reap real returns
• Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe – fewer clothes yet more outfits – taking the headache out of getting dressed each morning!