Speak your love so they understand – A communication workshop with Cathy Richardson

Cathy Richardson yoga teacher and communications coachDo you sometimes feel that you are speaking past your loved ones? As though your words are not finding fertile ground, and the messages are lost in translation? Perhaps you are feeling frustrated and misunderstood by your partner or children. Or maybe you just want to improve communication in your household.

Human communication is complex. Often, in relationships or family situations, the lack of positive communication or the inability to clearly express our needs to others can create friction, misunderstanding and conflict.

In this workshop, we will explore the 5 love languages as they are defined by Gary Chapman in his book of the same title. I will use examples from my own relationship triumphs and tragedies, as I managed to raise 2 now-adult daughters whilst meandering my way through marriage and the adult dating scene. I will reveal how learning to understand the love language of the other party can totally redefine relationships.

A fun quizz will help you to understand your own love language too, so that you can clearly use this to express your own needs too.

Key take-aways:

  1.  Understanding the signs of the 5 love languages
  2.  Getting to know your own primary and secondary love languages
  3.  Tips to being your own language together with that of your loved ones to improve communication