More about our keynote speaker – Pam Williams

Pam Williams
Pam Williams

Pam Williams is an inspirational speaker and successful HR professional, who only came into her full working career after the age of 50. Pam has always had a passion for learning and for helping others to flourish and grow.

Despite her education being interrupted at age 16 (When her last remaining beloved parent died unexpectedly one sunny Saturday morning in Spring) she was back at her desk in college on the Monday, to prepare for her forthcoming exams which she successfully passed despite the college trying to prevent her from taking them. At the end of term, Pam finished college on the Friday and started work in her first job as she had no other resources or income to support her. This began a lifetime’s journey to complete her education and develop her career.

Despite a 10 year career break devoted to bringing up her children, Pam picked up her education again when in her early 40s going on to achieve a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, an MBA when in her early 50s and then later going on to achieve an MA in Coaching & Mentoring Practice.

Pam secured her first HR Manager role with a Canadian Satellite & Space Technology Company when in her late 40s. By her early 50s, Pam was Head of HR for a computer games company.

At the height of the recession and following redundancy, she went on to work for large blue chip, US Fortune 500 Corporation as HR Manager (EMEA).

In her late-50s, she was approached by another technology company where she is an HR Director.

Pam is a determined person who believes in the goodness in others and that we are all in this life together. She believes age is only a barrier if you let it become so and feels that constantly renewing one’s knowledge and education is the key to overcoming barriers.

Pam’s catchphrase, adopted from the spoof film Galaxy Quest, of ‘never give up, never surrender’ has helped her to find a way to navigate unexpected obstacles and curved balls life has thrown up. Long may it continue!