Full agenda of workshops for the Conference

We have been working hard to put together an excellent range of workshops to enhance your experience of the conference.

During the afternoon, you will be able to attend 2 of the following workshops:

  1. Wardrobes that work with Kerrie Ellis (Personal style and image)
  2. Up the ladder in a skirt with Maggie Georgopoulos (Career and confidence)
  3. Speak your love so they understand with Cathy Richardson (Communication)
  4. Holding back the years during menopause with Carol Paterson (Health and wellbeing)
  5. The body never lies with Madelaine Fox (Health, wellbeing and stress management)
  6. Start your road to happiness with Jenny Thomas (Confidence and wellbeing)
  7.  Footprints in the sand with Linda Huckle and Ginny Marsh (Online branding and image)
  8. The invisible enemy with Ruth Fogg (Stress management)

Click here to take you to the workshops page with full details of what to expect in each one