Footprints in the Sand? An online profiling workshop with Linda Huckle and Ginny Marsh

In today’s online world, we leave footprints wherever we roam. ¬†Your digital footprint is the record of your interaction with the digital world and it’s important to make sure that the digital impressions you leave are positive.

Footprints in the sand are easily washed away – your digital footprint is more permanent – more like footprints in concrete!

During this workshop, Linda Huckle and Ginny marsh will be exploring practical ways to enhance your online presence and personal brand.

  • Whether you are a business owner, employed or looking for work, your personal brand is key to establishing yourself as a professional and authentic person to attract and engage with clients, employers and your network. Linda will share some tools and techniques to help you develop a positive and professional online presence.
  • Many of us lack confidence when in front of the camera and the resulting professional headshots tend to demonstrate that. Ginny will give you some practical tips that you can take away and use to prepare for working with a professional photographer, and some that will help you be confident when in front of a camera anywhere.

Key take-aways

By the end of the workshop, you will know how to:

  • Use online tools to explore how your digital footprint impacts on your own Personal Brand
  • Cultivate and nurture an authentic online presence
  • Use the right personal images for social media and web to represent you professionally
  • Prepare for being in front of the camera to capture the authentic you